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Trends and colors come and go,Number One textile & fashion style has been in fashion since 2007.
Our versatile,multi-cultural,development & manufacture platform always can meet your needs for quick response and flexible order size.
Our fashion design and fabric development capabilities allow fast-growing brands to force on brand-building and distribution.
We make what you need ,not sell what we make,we meet your wardrobe needs across an industry-leading range of categories for both men and women,in a full offering fabrics.
You demand fashion that meets your end of consumer,our mission is to make you and your consumers-look good
Our Mission
Decorating Fashion, Splendid Lifestyle
We make what you need ,not sell what we make
Our Vision
1,First -line Brand, first - hand Orders
2,Directly devoting our service to 10 brands in 2025 ;Achieving Brand joint, leading the fashion in 2030
3,Do not nit castle peak,go with each other
Our Value
-Trust makes us see
1.Eco-friendly,Sustainable, Fashionable Innovations
2.Be sober, self-disciplined, motivated, self-esteem and self-discipline, calm, then go to love
3. Act now,do what you say,say what you do
Organization Structure 
Growth partner, Platform partner, Brand partner
Collectively build up an open, inclusive, and beneficial community of shared interests, responsibility and destiny

Welcome to Join our team and participate with us in this growing industry